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Storage Racks

A rack is defined as a shelf; frame or pole on which items are stacked. Storage racks serve numerous commercial purposes. You must have frequently noticed them in offices or reception area, waiting rooms in dentists’ clinics or super markets or even in the centre of an up market area where a book vendor displays for-sale publication at eye level. Rotating and countertop magazine racks are very common at these places.

 They are big and have greater capacity with adjustable slots which makes selection of titles easier. In concerns where people have scheduled appointments, with magazine racks your patrons can never get bored. Storage racks are also used in the industries for the storage purposes in the office warehouses. They are made up of steel and are of different types such as pallet racks, two tier racks, and slotted angle racks. The storage racks which are used in homes and shops are display racks and pigeon-hole racks.